Live Websites

A WordPress site for a local ‘alternative’ shop.
I set up a shop on this site and did a lot of the photography too.

Generic Estate agents ‘flow-portal’! My first full CSS site. Also features my photography.
orgonA site to preview and purchase an album which I also created the artwork for.

A site for a local Decorator.
Another generic property-search site, also featuring photography by myself.

Site that features my design, photography and copywriting skills.
A WP site for a local tailoress, after I built the site she experienced a 400% increase in enquiries!
Another WP site for my favourite Yoga Studio. Sadly this site is currently down due to ‘politics’ but click it to see a screenshot.

A site for local bin-bashing celeb Ninjah. I also created the album artwork.
An old site for an Indian Yoga School. Built in Dreamweaver, still looks good.
magma-shotA totally responsive site created by myself and a coder friend for our own company…

This is a Bandcamp site I made for a band I play keyboards in and an album I mixed and produced. I also designed the artwork and took the photos, so…

This is a WordPress site I designed for a Band whose albums I also produced.
I’d encourage you to check them out, they’re very good!

fung-screenA simple WordPress site for an artist with a lightbox gallery.