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Welcome to Monster, the right place to buy Mobile
Billboard Advertising space and other 'transient ambient media'.

You already know that 'advertising works' or you wouldn't be here. But did you know that mobile billboard advertising, cycle banner advertising and pedestrian 'promotional representatives' are the most efficient forms of message transmission.*
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Target your message to the right locations at the crucial time to truly maximise your exposure whilst trimming costs.

Take control of your media.
We recognise that different customers will have very different needs, that's why we let you take charge, dictating the exact nature of your campaign to better target your desired audience.

From 'Event Coincidence' to 'Area Saturation', it's up to you. You even have a direct line to all of our 'promotional representatives' for last minute updates and tactic changes.
'Event Coincidence' We park your billboard ad in a highly visable spot during a major sporting event, concert or other mass gathering where it can be guaranteed a highly predictable footfall of very specific demographic groups. Couple this with incredibly mobile 'cycle-vertisments' alongside pedestrian leafleteers and crowd 'penetration' is massively enhanced!

'Area saturation' Our mobile representatives repetitively 'bomb' a particular geographic location over a period of your choosing to target very definite groups of people and minimise your cost-per-view figures.

There are numerous possible combinations of 'campaign variables'. We're happy to hear your ideas.
Accountability is of key importance to us. That's why we have all our Promotional representatives keep a visual record of their activities. Whenever one of our reps makes a stop, they take a picture, documenting their actions and your media. They're also all contactable at all times by mobile phone so you can feel confident we're delivering your message effectively.

*In the out-of-home advertising industry, mobile billboard displays are the most effective form available boosting product and name recognition fifteen times greater than anything else available!." -The European Outdoor Advertising Association, Zurich, Switzerland